Translate Bolide Movie Creator

Please help us to translate (or to update the existing translation) Bolide Movie Creator to your native language! Of course, we will send you free license when we got the translation file.

How to Translate

The translation process is quite easy. Here are the steps:
  • Download and install DKLang Translation Editor (800 KBytes)
  • Download and save to your local hard drive this original translation file (AVEditor.dklang)
  • Start DKLang Translation Editor, open previously saved AVEditor.dklang file (you can double click on that file to open DKLang editor)
  • Translate all strings in the right panel
  • If you are going to update the existing translation, download the latest BMC version first, install it. The current translation files are available in "Program Files (x86)\Bolide Movie Creator\lng\" folder. Open the desired translation file from that folder as existing translation file in DKLang editor. The untranslated lines will be highlighted like on this screenshot
  • When you are done with the translation, use menu item "File - Save as" in DKlang editor to save your translation
  • Send the translation file to our e-mail author at Alternatively, you can get in touch with us using this form.
  • Wait for your free BMC license. We will check the translation and send the license back to your e-mail address.

Languages required

Here is the list of the required translations at the moment:
  • French (update)
  • German (update)
  • Spanish (update)
  • Polish (update)
  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Portuguese
  • Japanese


Latest Version

4.1 Build 1143