Whats new in the latest version of Bolide Movie Creator

What's new in the latest Bolide® Movie Creator version

v3.8 Build 1132

  • added "Pitch shift" effect for audio, can be used for the voice change or other cool things
  • grouped Audio opeartions under one button in the toolbar
  • added the ability to keep audio tone when changing the audio/video block's speed (like on Youtube when you select faster/slower playback)
  • added 1.25 and 0.75 speed multipliers (available with right-click menu)
  • now you can add video to "Audio" tab if you have to use only audio track from the file
  • added the ability to quickly mute entire track or block in the project
  • added the ability to add all videos or photos from the library in random order to the project
  • added sticking to the edges of the frame when moving a block in the preview area (hold Shift key pressed to avoid sticking)

v3.7 Build 1130

  • added "crop and zoom" button for arbitratry cropping of the blocks
  • operations on visual blocks are grouped under one button now
  • much better quality of the pan-and-zoom effect
  • added saving and restore of the text settings dialogs
  • sticking when moving a block in the frame for easier centering
  • added batch pan-and-zoom effect under "Automate" button
  • some minor improvements

v3.6 Build 1129

  • added pan&zoom effect for the images. Available in popup menu (right click over the image)
  • the block in the frame now can be round/ellipse
  • better contrast when drawing the sound levels in the block
  • added the ability to remove transition effect (select the intersection and press Del)
  • fixed saving 4K videos with AMD encoder
  • fixed pre-listening to the improved sound in the sound improve dialog
  • fixed splitting of the video blocks with changed volume
  • saving with 4k resolution now available to AVI as well
  • autorotate of photos according to their EXIF tags
  • bottom scroller will never hide due to many tracks used
  • A LOT of minor issues were fixed

v3.5 Build 1127

  • added the ability to truncate video blocks with drag-and-drop
  • added the ability to apply effects to round/ellipse areas
  • added support for animated GIF files as input
  • improved time marks in the timeline
  • added a button to apply the selected transition to the selected intersection (in the Transitions tab)
  • optimized memory usage when dealing with large files
  • fixed issue with the noise reduction introduced in the previous version
  • fixed issue with the empty lines in the text block
  • fixed issues with the transition effects between the photo/photo and video/photo blocks
  • a lot of minor improvements and fixes

v3.4 Build 1124

  • added the extended audio encoding options. Leave defaults if you don't need them :)
  • implemented simple voice recorder, check "Audio" tab
  • added the ability to scroll large amounts of text (classic titles)
  • now you can resize blocks in the preview either without proportions or select between 4:3/16:9/original
  • the time scale is visible now even if you have a dozen of tracks in the project
  • fixed a rare bug with hanging during the video encoding
  • several minor issues were fixed

v3.3 Build 1122

  • added the ability to add frame counter, stopwatch, and timer in the text block
  • added the ability to set round corners radius for the text background
  • added the ability to split entire project by dragging the cursor with the right mouse button
  • added the ability to move selected blocks frame-by-frame using CTRL+cursor left and right keys
  • added a lot of new key shortcuts - https://movie-creator.com/video-editing-guide/key-shortcuts.html
  • added the ability to set default photo block duration in Settings menu
  • added "Copy" button to the toolbar to copy the selected blocks to the clipboard
  • added the ability to change video speed in 8 times in the right-click popup menu
  • added ability to change color balance for the video/photo blocks (press CTRL-P)
  • fixed a dozen of issues

v3.2 Build 1121

  • added OGG audio format support
  • added the ability to set background color and transparency for text blocks
  • added "Blurred background" option in the popup menu. Useful for the rotated video
  • now split function works for all the selected blocks in the timeline
  • added the ability to select the audio track for the video blocks with the multiple audio tracks
  • added menu item "File - Transfer project..." for transferring the entire project (including all source files) to another folder/drive/computer

v3.1 Build 1119

  • added the ability to apply the effects to the selected frame area only
  • added noise reduction and volume normalization tool. Works great for microphone recordings!
  • added Chromakey effect
  • added Hungarian translation
  • fixed some Windows compatibility issues

v3.0 Build 1116

  • added more than 50 effects that can be used with any photo/video block in the timeline. Check "Effects" tab
  • added the ability to save video as animated GIF file
  • added .h264 encoding hardware acceleration support for AMD chips as well (AMD VCE)
  • fixed a large memory leak during encoding introduced in v2.9
  • as usual, a lot of minor improvements and fixes

v2.9 Build 1114

  • now BMC can use hardware acceleration of NVidia (nvenc) and Intel (quicksync) graphics! Get your project saved MUCH faster
  • added the ability to select and move multiple blocks in the timeline. Hold CTRL key to select several blocks
  • added the ability to select empty space blocks and delete them
  • added the ability to add a track to the bottom of the project. Useful when you decided to add some background.
  • added the ability to manually set a bitrate for video encoding. Automatic options are still there too!
  • when you dragging a volume line, the program displays volume level percentage
  • fixed a volume control for playing audio and video files from the local library

v2.8 Build 1113

  • several fixes according to your bug reports

v2.8 Build 1112

  • fixed a problem with the audio files introduced in the previous build

v2.8 Build 1111

  • added the ability to freeze frame on given amount of seconds
  • added the ability to navigate by single frames - either with the buttons under the preview or with the keyboard Left and Right keys
  • the blocks in the project are sticks to each other now. To avoid sticking, you can hold Shift key pressed
  • improved images resizing in the preview area
  • fixed clearing clipboard after you paste the block
  • several minor improvements and bug fixes

v2.7 Build 1110

  • fixed several bugs. If you have a problem with the end of saved video files, please update

v2.7 Build 1109

  • added very flexible sound volume editing for any clip in the timeline
  • fixed several issues

v2.6 Build 1107

  • improved support of the video with high fps (even 120 fps!)
  • you can manually set framerate up to 60 fps now in the project settings
  • added the ability to make video slower or faster up to 4 times (Check "Speed" menu item when click with the right mouse button over the video clip)
  • added the ability to set audio fade-in and fade-out for the video clips. Check popup menu by clicking right mouse button over the video clip
  • several bug fixes and UI improvements

v2.5 Build 1106

  • more thumbnails are displayed for the video tracks
  • audio levels displayed for the audio tracks
  • improved seeking speed for video clips
  • fixed several minor bugs

v2.4 Build 1105

  • improved "Text settings" dialog. Predefined colors, appearance and disappearance animation
  • added zoom-out/zoom-in animation for text blocks
  • added more transition effects: Pinwheel, Radial Wipe, Plane Explode, Glow-Soft, Cross-Zoom
  • fixed several minor bugs

v2.3 Build 1104

  • added the ability to preview video/photo/audio from the local library
  • added two more animations for text blocks - Slide upward/downward
  • added the link to online Video Editing Guide
  • added automatic reopening of the last project after the crash
  • fixed a bug with drag and dropping the effects to the timeline
  • fixed several more issues, usablity related

v2.2 Build 1103

  • added support of UltraHD resolution
  • now you can animate text blocks too - right click over "fade" part of the block and select the desired animation
  • now every single letter in text blocks can have its own font and color settings
  • fixed several minor issues

v2.1 Build 1102

v2.0 Build 1100

  • now all the tracks in the timeline are universal - you can place video, photo, music to the same track
  • now you can mix as many tracks as you want
  • added the ability to rotate video
  • added "virtual screen" effect with several pre-defined templates. You can add your own too

v1.7 Build 1010

  • fixed a lot of issues (especially on Windows XP)
  • removed time limit for the trial version, not is it unlimited

v1.6 Build 1009

  • added marks for the clips in the local library, that are already added to the project
  • fixed changing the volume of the audiotrack when photo comes after the video
  • now you can scroll the timeline with the mouse wheel. Hold Shift key to chane the scale with the wheel
  • added Turkish translation
  • fixed issues on systems with larger system font
  • fixed several minor issues

v1.6 Build 1008

  • added support for editing the clips recorded with PlayClaw program (experimental)
  • added ability to add image overlays, so you can add your logotype or watermark now
  • added an ability to highlight the given rectangle in the video clip
  • added French interface translation
  • several bugs were fixed

v1.5 Build 1007

  • added ability to change the speed of the video clips. Use popup menu (right click over the video clip in the timeline)
  • added German and Spanish translations
  • fixed several sudden hangs

v1.4 Build 1006

  • added "split" button for splitting video/audio clips and text
  • added multi-level "Undo" feature
  • added cut/paste feature for the objects in the timeline

v1.3 Build 1005

  • added ability to fade-in and fade-out for text comments
  • added Polish interface translation
  • fixed bugs according to your bug reports

v1.2 Build 1003

  • 21 new transition effects!
  • many bugs were fixed, including memory related ones

v1.1 Build 1002

  • added transition effects
  • improved timeline (multiselect, selection of the transitions, etc)
  • several bugs were fixed

v1.0 Build 1001

First public release

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June 30, 2018

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