Bolide® Movie Creator Screenshots

Here you can browse the screenshots and evaluate the look&feel before you download the program. Click the image to open it in full size.

Main Bolide Movie Creator Window

main Bolide Movie Creator window screnshot
The main window. You can see the timeline on the bottom, the preview area in the top right corner and video/photo/audio library in the top left corner. The items from the library can be dragged to the timeline.

Adding text to the video clip

adding a text block over the video clip using Bolide Movie Creator
Text block settings are shown here. As you can see, text can have many strings, each letter can have its own size and color. It is possible to select the animation style for text appearance and disappearance. The animation duration can be adjusted with the special sliders. You can adjust the text block position with the mouse directly in the preview area.

Saving the movie

saving the movie using Bolide Movie Creator
You can see the saving options here. You can select where to save your movie, how to name it and what video format and quality should it be.

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Latest Version

June 08, 2018
(for Windows Vista/7/8/10)

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