How to Zoom to Selected Area of Video

Occasionally, you may want to add a zoom effect to your movies. You can use the zoom effect to create dramatic visuals and to show more close-up detail. An important factor to keep in mind is that your video resolution remains unchanged when you zoom in. For ex: a clip saved at high resolution (1920x1080) will look better when zoomed in than a clip saved at a low-res (640x480). That's because the higher a video clip's resolution, the more pixels it contains. The more pixels present, the more room you have to work as you zoom in — before the picture begins to appear grainy.
  • First, click Zoom effect on the BMC toolbar. This will automatically add a new Zoom effect to a new track above your main video on your project timeline.
    zooming video in Bolide Movie Creator
  • Notice how your new Zoom effect includes a Zoom-In at the beginning, and a Zoom-Out at the end? These function exactly as you'd expect with Zoom-In causing video details to enlarge, and Zoom-Out causing enlarged details to return to normal.
    zoom-in and zoom-out video in Bolide Movie Creator
  • You can adjust the duration of the zoom by left-clicking either end of the effect on your timeline; dragging it to make it physically shorter.
  • The blue triangles indicate where the fully-zoomed effect begins and ends. However much time you have set in-between the blue triangles marks how long your video will remain fully-zoomed in.
  • The space that sits before and after this area of effect (outside the blue triangles) represents how long it will take to zoom-in and out. Notice how the sample image zooms in closer and closer as the cursor travels from left to right toward the beginning of the zoom effect?
    video zoom demo in Bolide Movie Creator zooming video demo in Bolide Movie Creator zoom video effect in Bolide Movie Creator
  • The same principles apply but in reverse. As the cursor reaches the end of your zoom effect, your image will slowly zoom-out and eventually return to regular size.

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