How to Cut and Edit the Video Made by a Dashboard Camera

Dashboard cameras have become unbelievably popular – they are set in almost every car these days. And some friends of mine have even two dashboard cameras: one of them having the front view, and the other having the rear view. On Youtube there are thousands of videos made by dashboard cameras. Which program to use to help you edit the videos made by a dashboard camera? There are two possible options here.

Online Video Editor on YouTube

If you need only basic things, like, say, to cut out the right part from the video, you could use the video editor available for Youtube. To do that, you need to upload the whole video to YouTube and there is an option available to crop it. By the way, for comfortable work your Internet connection should be really fast.

Video Editor for a Dashboard Camera

For those seeking extended editing opportunities, I recommend using a special video editing program. For example, the program Bolide Movie Creator supports the majority of video formats used by dashboard cameras. Besides, this program has some options which will help you to make your video especially attractive. I’ll tell you about them in detail.

It is really easy to start working with the program. Download and install it like any other program. Start the program and drag and drop the right videos onto the main window of the program. You’ll see them in the so-called "local library" in the left-hand column of the program. From there you can easily add them to the timeline, i.e. is to the project of our video. Now we can crop this video – just double click on it. We can add some text to the video using the T-button. Besides, you can adjust the brightness and contrast for your video, which is especially useful for the videos made in bad weather conditions or in poor lighting.

If there is something in your video that you would like to draw attention to and there is a big chance that nobody will notice that at first site, I recommend selecting the right part in the video. With Bolide Movie Creator you can do it very easily. You press a special button and set the selection rectangle in the right place. The size of the selection rectangle can be changed with a mouse click. Here is how it looks like (the button activating this function is shown with a red arrow):
highlight part of the frame shot by the dash cam
It goes without saying that you can turn down the volume of your video (in case you said something inappropriate :) or you can totally muffle the sound. Besides, you can lay over the background music. Just drag and drop the right file into the program window, and after that to the special audio line in the project.

Uploading the Video to YouTube

Okay, you've got a ready video file. Now you can upload it to Youtube. You can easily do it – you just need to login to your account and click on the Upload button.
Attention! Some good advice! Youtube often offers you to stabilize the video for the ones made by a dashboard camera – Youtube doesn't like the fact that the picture shakes. So, I ask you not to agree to this offer of stabilization. After that the video will go more smoothly, yeah, but at the same time the borders will be cut (and something very important can disappear), and the movement will look unnatural.
So, now you are fully equipped with the knowledge how to edit videos from a dashboard and how to successfully upload them to Youtube. Go ahead! :)

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June 08, 2018
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(for Windows Vista/7/8/10)

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